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Essential Electrical Safety Tips for RVers: Ensure a Safe and Enjoyable Journey

Understanding RV Electrical Systems Basics of RV Electrical Systems Before diving into safety tips, it’s crucial to understand the basics of RV electrical systems. Shore Power Shore power is the electricity provided by external sources like campgrounds or RV parks. It’s essential to ensure that your RV’s connection to shore power is secure and that … Continued

Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Pets Safe in the Heat

As temperatures soar, it’s imperative to ensure our beloved pets remain safe and comfortable. High temperatures can pose severe health risks to pets, from dehydration to heatstroke. This guide provides detailed information and actionable tips to keep your pets safe during hot weather. Understanding the Risks of Heat for Pets Pets are particularly vulnerable to … Continued

Spot2Nite and BoaVida RV Join Forces

Expanding Outdoor Adventure Options with API Technology Spot2Nite’s innovative technology utilizes advanced application programming interface (API) connections with top property management systems (PMS) to aggregate and distribute real-time availability and pricing from campgrounds, RV parks, and private landowners across North America. By partnering with industry-leading integration partners such as Camping World, Good Sam, ReserveAmerica, Roadtrippers, … Continued

Ensuring Safe RV Travels: A Comprehensive Guide

Prioritizing RV Safety for Summer Journeys The Importance of RV Maintenance Checks Conduct Regular Maintenance Checks: Before hitting the road, it’s crucial to conduct thorough maintenance checks on your RV. Check the tires for proper inflation and tread wear, ensuring they’re road-ready. Additionally, inspect brakes, lights, and fluid levels to address any potential mechanical issues … Continued